Why Find a Locksmith Now

Do you know who to call when your key gets stuck in the lock in the middle of the night? Many key and lock problems happen in some of the worst situations. Emergency situations call for emergency solutions, which often mean shelling out huge cash. The better question is whether you know a reliable locksmith. Chances are you don’t.

Know the Reputable Locksmiths in Town

The common mistake consumers make is to find a locksmith when they need one right away in an emergency lockout situation. This increases their chance to fall in the trap of scamming technicians who have little locksmithing experience and yet charge high rates. If you know who to call before you even need the service, you won’t have to go through the hassle and deal with annoying service charges.

Have an Idea How Typical Services Cost

Gold Locks & KeysMost common reasons people call locksmiths are to have keys duplicated or repaired, to have locks repaired, or to unlock doors when they lost their keys. Charges vary among locksmiths and among services. It’s better you know how much key duplication or lock replacement costs, so you don’t fall a victim to scams.

Don’t Wait Forever Before Someone Responds

Let’s face it. Even the most careful person in the world probably has locked themselves out of their car or house. The same thing can happen to you, and the last thing you want to do is call friends to help you find a locksmith. It’s not a good idea. Sometimes you lose your car keys when you’re an hour away from your appointment, and the last thing you need is a locksmith who takes ages to arrive.

Find a Reliable Locksmith Now

Most people nowadays look for services or products on the Internet. Many locksmiths do have websites now. If you live in a big suburb like Essendon, your local search on Google may return a few locksmiths in town, and you can locate their stores on the map. The next thing you do is check out the website of every locksmith in your city or town. Find out what services they offer. Find out whether they are available 24 hours a day or only within certain hours. Compare prices of services among them. However, competition will force locksmiths in Essendon to have very close rates for similar products and services.

Hence, the next thing to do is look for other information to help you narrow down your search. Look at the track record of each company. Know how long they have been in the industry. See if they are licensed and make sure their technicians are licensed, trained, and updated with recent trends in the technology involved in security locks. Lastly, call them. See how they respond to consumers and queries. Are they courteous and friendly?

Another good trick is to check in the footer of their website and see if they’ve used an established web design company to create their online presence. If this leads to a legitimate looking website then chances are that they’ve invested some money in a real business. Also have a look who is promoting their website and check to see if it a good SEO company that’s doing it. Performing this type of online marketing isn’t cheap so it’s a fair call to say that if they’re doing that then they’re investing in a real business.

When to Call a Locksmith

Locksmiths are your best friends if you want have your door locks repaired or keys duplicated, but they actually perform a wide range of duties ranging from simple lock installation to assisting in security operations. There are several situations wherein locksmith services are indispensable. Most people who call locksmiths are those who couldn’t enter their house or apartments or cars because they lost or left their keys somewhere. Most locksmiths provide service 24/7, but rates between daytime and nighttime services vary.

When do you call a locksmith?

1. When you’re planning security system of your business property. Locksmiths work with so many types of clients, from an apartment tenant to big corporations. Companies employ their services to check, repair, and replace locks in vaults, safes, and secured facilities. Even small business owners should properly secure different areas of their properties. In addition, business owners may have to hand over duplicate keys to guards or assistants.

2. When you’re moving into a property. One of the first things you should do when moving into a house that has been occupied before is to change the locks. This is a standard security practice that everyone should follow. It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust the previous owners or tenants. It’s just that you are never sure who else had access to the property aside from them and you now. Call a locksmith when you want to change all locks.

3. When you want to duplicate existing or lost keys. Key duplication is one of the common jobs locksmiths do. Although keys have shapes that make them seem impossible to copy, technicians are well-trained to accurately cut duplicate keys, and they use cutting devices especially designed for such task. It is crucial that you hire trustworthy service providers who have proven track record in this industry, considering locks are much more complicated nowadays.

4. When you lock yourself out of your house, apartment, car, or truck. Some people would simply just destroy the door knob when they realized they lost their keys or when the door lock gets jammed—and probably just repair the door the next day. What if you left your car keys inside your locked car? Breaking the car windows seems a ridiculous option. These are instances wherein the services of a locksmith come handy. They can open most locks without damaging your doors.

Security systems are advancing, and even designs of locks and keys change. Consumers should hire trained professionals who are expert locksmiths and well-updated with such developments. You don’t want to hire someone who takes 20 minutes to figure out what’s wrong with your front door deadbolt.

What You Didn’t Know about Locksmiths

You probably don’t have any idea what locksmiths do aside from repairing your locks and keys. Apparently, they do more than that. They sometimes work with cops. You never thought they would, but they do. Some locksmiths make keys for cops who use them to sneak into places to set up surveillance devices.

They’ve seen things that will make you squeamish

Locksmiths don’t just repair locks. Sometimes they unlock doors to apartments of no-show occupants and be greeted by their nauseating putrid remains.  You can call them twice or thrice—in a day. If it’s your bad day, you could be locked out of your car or house more than once in a day. Yes, this can happen. It’s embarrassing, but what choice do you have aside from calling up someone to assist you?

Call at wee hours and be ready for big fees

Prices of locksmith services double up late at night, most especially if you left your car keys inside your car after 2 hours of partying.  Yes, they can duplicate your car keys. At least, those who specialize in car keys can. You don’t have to order duplicates from your car dealer. A qualified locksmith offers cheaper key duplication.

They will charge you if you call them by mistake

So you were frantically calling for help because you thought you locked yourself out only for the technician to turn the door knob open for you. You don’t need to make this silly mistake at your pocket’s expense. Some of them are scammers. Have you been charged twice the agreed quote on the phone? This is a common complaint with some random locksmith online. Scammers can charge you $100 for a replacement lock that actually just costs $30.

They ask for your identification

Emergency LocksmithThis is quite a standard practice, which irk frustrated customers, but that’s the only way to make sure they aren’t dealing with burglars or people who aren’t supposed to have access through a locked door. At the same time, customers should ask for the identification of the technicians.

They will charge you if you make them open an old or antique safe

Unless you have money to burn, don’t call locksmith services to open some old safe you bought at a thrift shop. You might be only paying for cobwebs and mold. There are exceptional people in this industry as well as those who probably dozed off during their training. What’s the point in paying a technician who can’t install a deadbolt properly? That is why you have to choose the right locksmith for unexpected emergencies.

What Exactly Does a Professional Locksmith Do?

Locksmiths are sometimes called security professionals. They are essentially technicians who install and repair locks, deadbolts, and keys. But their job really is as extensive as dealing with mechanical and electronic locks for homes, businesses, and cars.
Back in the day, locksmiths only deal with locks and keys. However, with the rise of electronic security systems, they now deal with electronic locks and cards. In fact, locksmithing services may be offered by companies that offer security and surveillance services. Professionals doing such jobs may be seen installing electronic access control systems, and many of them work closely with surveillance system installation professionals to provide utmost security to homes, properties, and businesses.

Installing Locks

Assortment of Door LocksNot all locks are the same. There is a wide range of locks, and each type may or may not be suitable for you. In this case, a locksmith will work with you to assess your security risk and recommend locks and keys suitable for the level of security you need. This may seem a painstaking job, considering each lock and key pair should be unique, but that’s basically what locksmiths are trained to do.

Enhancing Business Security

Businesses need safes, time locks, and locking devices for equipment. Banks, for instance, require special locking devices that prevent unauthorized access to certain vaults and safes. Such security access control systems may combine mechanical and electronic technologies that only updated technicians can install.  Many businesses, especially big companies, have contracts with locksmiths.

Analyzing and Repairing Troublesome Locks

If you were to read the mind of a locksmith, you would probably get images of internal structures of locks. Part of a locksmith’s work is to examine locks to check for worn out and bad parts. Locks with glitches can be repaired by adjusting or replacing certain parts. Repaired locks should always be checked to see if they are good.

Duplicating Keys

Have you always wondered how locksmiths copy your keys? Aside from relying on their dexterity, they also use tools and a key-duplicating machine. They simply copy the shape of your key and cut the duplicate from the pattern on a key blank. Sounds easy, but this takes some time and a lot of accuracy. The duplicate should work like the original. Otherwise, it’s useless.
Responding to Emergency Lockout Calls.
If you cannot get into your house, store, or car because you lost your keys or the lock just won’t yield, you most likely will call a locksmith. He will then assess the problem. If it’s a case of keys that don’t work or locks that won’t open despite using the right key, the locksmith will use devices like bypass tools or lock picks. Experienced technicians in the field of locksmithing can open most locks without having to break the knob or destroy your door.

Things to Remember Before Calling a Locksmith

Have you called a locksmith to open your front door only to find out it was actually unlocked? Although not all locksmiths will scam you, most of them will charge you by simply making them get to your property. It is an awkward situation you wouldn’t wish to happen to you.

You can’t get it in?

You don’t always have to call a locksmith, especially if you have plenty other options.
1. Do you have an emergency door? If you have one and you have keys to it, then by you don’t need to a call a technician late at night. Technicians, by the way, will charge double at night.
2. Can you sleep over a friend’s house?
3. Can you wait for someone else who has spare keys? Your spouse maybe? If you lost your keys and you know someone else has a duplicate, call them and wait for them to come home.
4. Try the front door one more time. In many cases, being unable to open your door is a result of your panic. Next time you arrive late and your first attempt to turn the key into the door knob doesn’t work, do it again.
5. Make sure you use the right key. This is another embarrassing problem of some panicky clients. They use the wrong keys and call a locksmith, who will get to the scene and discover a key in the set of dangling ones that works.

Be careful when inserting the key into the lock

Key Man With LocksYou don’t have put the key in the lock in a hurry. How about doing it a little more careful next time, so the key doesn’t get bent, which causes issues in the future. Replace bent keys or just use the duplicate, so you don’t get a stuck key in the lock. What if the key gets jammed in the lock? This is another common problem that locksmiths attend to. If this happens, you can try a few things. Try turning the key and pull it. Try shaking it a bit to perhaps dislodge some stuck debris inside. Try turning the door knob and setting the key loose. If it still won’t come out, try a can of WD-40. Ask a neighbor if they have one. Spray it into the lock. Try to twist or shake the key. This solution works in many cases, saving you a hundred bucks.

Prevent Key and Lock Problems Before They Happen

1.Don’t lose your keys.
2. Have duplicates ready.
3. Have bent keys repaired or duplicated.
4. Have problematic locks repaired.
5. Replace old, faulty door knobs.
6. Be mindful of your keys.

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